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Paul Simms, PhD (UKC), MBA (NSWIT)

Technical Business Manager 

Myself and Robert Burbury (CEO of The Healthy Grain) recently visited two of our local farmers, for a chance to experience the growing of our grain in the field and have a chat with the farmers about their experience in growing BARLEYmax® barley.

img_2291In Australia, we have experienced one of the wettest years on record in Eastern Australia, with flooding in a number of areas. Unfortunately, this affected a lot of the BARLEYmax® crops, with much of the seed being underwater!

The farmers had been communicating updates to us about how the BARLEYmax®, was faring in this unseasonal weather, but there is nothing like seeing it for yourself.


img_1076Our first visit was to the farm just on the outskirts of Colleambally, which is in southern New South Wales. Like the rest of eastern Australia, Colleambally has received plenty of rain and there had been a delay in sowing waiting for a break in the rain at planting time.
Robert and I sat with much trepidation during the drive up to the crop, nit quite sure if we would see any growth of the grain at all!  Luckily our fears were totally alleviated. As you can see below, the crop was a lush green colour with luxuriant leaf growth and growing densely. In fact, the BARLEYmax® plants are growing so well, that if we had to visit again in a few weeks, we doubt we would spot this dog amongst the leaves.



During our tour of the second farm,  one of our colleagues demonstrated how much rain there had been by losing his shoe in the mud at the side of the BARLEYmax® field.  As a result of the extreme rain, the planting had been delayed and was much less advanced than the Colleambally farm, but nevertheless it was very green.


So despite Robert and myself packing our big wellington boots and goggles (with the expectation that we may need to swim through the crops), we were very pleasantly surprised to see how well the grain is growing. We look forward to a bumper crop and will see if we can spot the farm dog during our next visit.

If you are interested in attending one of our visits to a BARLEYmax®  farm or would like to enquire about our grain supply, please get in touch with us.

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