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BARLEYmax® reviews

What our customers say

My dietician recommends it. It helps to make me feel full and it is necessary for my gut health.

Susan SNSW

BARLEYmax® is an easy way to improve my gut and heart health.

Lawrence TVIC

I think it’s a wonderful product for health and started eating when blood sugar was getting high.

Wendy MQLD

Having BARLEYmax® daily keeps me regular.

Brenda ENSW

What the stats say

Interesting statistics from a recent customer survey


Consume BARLEYmax® to support good gut health


Consume BARLEYmax® to support good overall health


Consume BARLEYmax® at breakfast time


Consume at least 1/4 cup of BARLEYmax® at each sitting


Consume BARLEYmax® daily

BARLEYmax® attribute customers consider the most important

Combination of prebiotic fibres


Combination of prebiotic fibres

Resistant starch content


Resistant starch content

Total fibre content


Total fibre content

Beta-glucan content


Beta-glucan content

Low glycaemic index


Low glycaemic index

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More customer reviews

I consume BARLEYmax® for many reasons - it’s health benefits, it's delicious, it’s locally produced, and based on science.

Barbara TWA

To assist with overall health.

Winton RNSW

For it’s ability to assist with the maintenance of healthy cholesterol levels.

Leslea HNSW

To keep me regular.

Jacqui DNSW

I have gastro-intestinal issues and the product has made a significant improvement to my gut health. I also give it to my children who enjoy it.

Victoria PNSW

It helps with digestion and bowel health.

Martin TNSW

I’m a nutrition teacher and have used BARLEYmax® as a case study product in many of the aspects of the units I teach. I believe in it’s great gut benefits.

Claire CNSW

To promote healthy bacteria in my gut.

Rosalie SSA
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