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The Healthy Grain origins

CSIRO logo

Late 1990s

The journey starts in the late 1990s when two separate CSIRO research programs intersect. CSIRO Human Nutrition scientists identified low fibre intakes as a major factor in risk factor for diet-related diseases. CSIRO Plant Industry had concurrently bred a variety of barley that contained the attributes being sought. Serendipitously the two projects combined and the outcome is BARLEYmax®.


In 2001 ACVL joins the commercialization initially as a minority shareholder and in 2016 as the majority shareholder. A variety of organizational names used from 2001 to 2013; Barley Max Plus P/L, Ascentia P/L, BARLEYmax® UJV (Unincorporated Joint Venture)

Goodness superfood logo

2008 onwards

The first commercial crop of BARLEYmax® whole grain was grown in 2008. In 2009 Goodness Superfoods commenced the manufacturing of  BARLEYmax® containing breakfast cereals. In succeeding years additional new BARLEYmax® food products, such as breads and snack foods were launched by Goodness Superfoods and other licensees of the technology.


In early 2014 BARLEYmax® Enterprises P/L (BME) was incorporated with a specialist commercial CEO appointed. The company has a strong focus on both increasing its Australian marketing activities and accelerating international expansion.

The Healthy Grain Logo


In early 2015 BARLEYmax® Enterprises P/L (BME) was renamed The Healthy Grain Pty Ltd  (THG) as the company acquired options to expand its nutrient dense wholegrain portfolio beyond BARLEYmax®. First overseas license signed with Teijin (Japan). Two new Australian companies commenced manufacture of BARLEYmax® containing foods.


In 2016 The Healthy Grain takes over BARLEYmax® growing and marketing in Australia and New Zealand.

The Healthy Grain Logo

In December 2016, the Teijin Group became a significant shareholder of The Healthy Grain company. Teijin is a technology-driven global group offering advanced solutions in the areas of sustainable transportation, information and electronics, safety and protection, environment and energy, and healthcare.

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