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The Healthy Grain provides natural, nutritionally dense patented whole grains that enhance the Health and Wellbeing of people around the world. Our grains are designed to enhance foods to create nutritionally superior products that can play a role in combatting lifestyle diseases and improving the health of consumers.

The Healthy Grain portfolio currently includes BARLEYmax® ‘Super Barley™’ and Kebari® barley.

BARLEYmax® Super Barley™ is a non-GMO, nutritionally superior barley that contains high levels of total dietary fibre and a unique blend of prebiotic fibres to support good gut health.

Kebari® barley is the world’s first wholegrain that is high in fibre and low in gluten.

Food and health - barley

Find out more about the key nutritional features and associated benefits of The Healthy Grain portfolio.

BARLEYmax® Better Nutrition report

BARLEYmax® Benefits

Find out why BARLEYmax is the superior wholegrain!

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What our customers say

My dietician recommends it. It helps to make me feel full and it is necessary for my gut health.

Susan SNSW

Having BARLEYmax® daily keeps me regular.

Brenda ENSW

I think it’s a wonderful product for health and started eating when blood sugar was getting high.

Wendy MQLD

BARLEYmax® is an easy way to improve my gut and heart health.

Lawrence TVIC

I consume BARLEYmax® for many reasons - it’s health benefits, it's delicious, it’s locally produced, and based on science.

Barbara TWA
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