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These great products all contain the brilliant health benefits of BARLEYmax® wholegrain.
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BARLEYmax™ wholegrain products - Barley+


An innovative range of cereals and bars from Freedom Foods, featuring the prebiotic power of BARLEYmax® wholegrain.

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BarleyMax products - Helgas Digestive Wellbeing Range

Helga’s Digestive Wellbeing Range

Features BARLEYmax® and a special blend of fibre to feed the good bacteria in your gut.

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BARLEYmax™ wholegrain products - Simson’s Pantry

Simson’s Pantry

The Simson’s Pantry Super Barley wraps feature 20% of your daily fibre requirements, with a 5-star health rating.

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BARLEYmax™ wholegrain products - Heritage Mill

Heritage Mill

Banish the 3:30pm snack-attack (and support good gut health) with Heritage Mill Caramel Apple & Honey Hazelnut Prebiotic Bars.

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BARLEYmax™ wholegrain products - Lowan’s


Lowan’s delivers the plant-protein breakfast solution you’ve been looking for. Their fruit-free Coconut & Chia muesli features 7.2g plant protein per serve, plus 6g fibre – and no added sugar.

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BARLEYmax™ wholegrain products - Arnold’s Farm

Arnold’s Farm

Start your day the right way with the Arnold’s Farm Apple & Caramel Prebiotic Muesli or Almond & Cashew Protein Clusters, with both cereals being a good source of wholegrains.

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BARLEYmax™ wholegrain products - Sam’s Pantry

Sam’s Pantry

Breakfast has never been better than with the Sam’s Pantry Honey Oat Bake Granola. An excellent source of fibre, this granola also packs a protein punch, delivering 5g per serve.

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BARLEYmax™ wholegrain products - Edward’s Sourdough

Edward’s Sourdough

You’ll find three breads powered by BARLEYmax® in the Edward’s Sourdough range – the Organic Spelt Wholemeal Grain Soudough, Organic Purple Barley Sourdough & Organic 7 Grain Sourdough.

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BARLEYmax™ wholegrain products - Alpine Bread

Alpine Bread

Family-owned and operated since 1936, Alpine Breads Heart Bread can help to lower cholesterol reabsorption and provides more than 7g fibre per serve.

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BARLEYmax™ wholegrain products - International Products

International Products

BARLEYmax® is a key ingredient in a wide range of products – sweet and savoury – in the international market.

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