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BARLEYmax® retail products

These great products all contain the brilliant health benefits of BARLEYmax® Super Barley wholegrain. Find them in your local supermarket today.

Can’t find the products you’re after?
Ask your local supermarket to stock them: Contact Coles or Woolworths

Coles Happy Gut

Featuring 1.8g of prebiotic fibre per serve, keeping your gut happy and healthy can be easy, thanks to the Happy Gut range from Coles.

Bakers Delight Prebiotic Cape Seed Loaf

The only freshly baked prebiotic loaf in the Australian market. Available exclusively at Bakers Delight.

Coles Wellness Road

A delicious range of porridge and muesli to support good gut health, available exclusively at Coles supermarkets.

The Crafted Cookie House

Granola cookies featuring BARLEYmax® – a delicious, healthy treat! Available at selected Woolworths supermarkets nationally.

Be Fit Food

The Be Fit Food Super Barley cereals are a gut-loving start to your day, and are free from added sugar and preservatives.


New Zealand’s most loved bread brand has introduced a market-first, prebiotic range powered by BARLEYmax®.

Alpine Bread

Family-owned and operated since 1936, Alpine Breads Heart Bread can help to lower cholesterol reabsorption and provides more than 7g fibre per serve.

Edward’s Sourdough

You’ll find three breads powered by BARLEYmax® in the Edward’s Sourdough range – the Organic Spelt Wholemeal Grain Sourdough, Organic Purple Barley Sourdough & Organic 7 Grain Sourdough.

Pure Delish

The Crunchy Muesli with Flakes from Pure Delish features a delicious and nutritious blend of nuts, seeds, oats and BARLEYmax® flakes.

Australian Bakels

The Digestive Bread Concentrate from Bakels features BARLEYmax® and wholegrain wheat, and is packed with prebiotic fibre to support good gut health.

Australian Fields Hi-Fibre Muesli

High fibre muesli containing 49% BARLEYmax®, available through Ritchies supermarkets.

Orchard Valley Rice Plus

A healthy, delicious rice and BARLEYmax® blend, available through selected boutique grocery retailers.

Freya’s Digestive Wellness

European inspired bread, featuring the unique prebiotic benefit of BARLEYmax®.

International Products

BARLEYmax® is a key ingredient in a wide range of products – sweet and savoury – in the international market.