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Grain supply chain

The Healthy Grain licences appropriately qualified supply chain partners to grow, provide logistics, grade, prepare and distribute our nutrient dense grains.

Interested in becoming a Supply Chain Partner to The Healthy Grain? Contact us.

BARLEYmax® growing partner

Australian growing partner:
Yenda Producers Co-Operative

The Healthy Grain has appointed Yenda Producers Co-Operative to exclusively manage the growing of BARLEYmax® wholegrain for the Australian market. Established in 1925, Yenda curently employs nearly 50 full-time staff and now has over 1500 members.

Yenda Producers Co-Operative website

BARLEYmax® distribution partners


Australian bakery distributor:

As a leading supplier of bakery ingredient solutions across Australia and New Zealand, MAURI offers a comprehensive portfolio of high quality bakers and specialised application flours, yeasts, grains, bread and cake pre-mixes and improvers.

MAURI website

Australian non-bakery distributor:

Scalzo Foods is a privately owned, board run business that began operations in 1977. Our capabilities in ingredient supply, as partners to retailers and manufacturing expertise have fuelled our development. We’re an agile, growth orientated business that focuses on innovation and adding value to drive mutually beneficial partnerships.

Scalzo Foods website

Asian region distributor: Teijin

Teijin Limited is a Japanese pharmaceutical, chemical and information technology company. It’s main fields of operation are high-performance fibres, composites, healthcare, films, resin and plastic processing, polyester fibres and IT products.

The Teijin Gorup comprises of 151 companies, 56 in Japan and 95 overseas.

Teijin is a shareholder in The Healthy Grain.

Teijin website

North American distributor: Scoular

Founded in the heartland of the United States, Scoular is a 127-year old company with 102 offices and facilities worldwide and more than $4 billion in sales. The company provides global and diverse supply chain solutions for end-users and suppliers of grain, feed ingredients, and food ingredients. Scoular is excited to now bring BARLEYmax® into the North American market. It is being grown in the U.S. Pacific Northwest and will be available in flour, flakes and whole grain.

Contact Scoular

UK and EU distributor: Agrii

Agrii harnesses the power of skilled agronomists and the best intelligence to deliver unrivaled expertise and support for sustainable and profitable farming systems in the UK.

The Healthy Grain have appointed Agrii as our distributor for BARLEYmax®™ in the UK and EU markets.

Agrii website
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Where can BARLEYmax® be grown?

In addition to Australia, BARLEYmax® grain has been successfully trialed in South Africa, Europe, USA , Canada and Chile, with new trials in other locations soon to begin.
To learn more about the day to day operations of the Grain Production Supply Chain contact us.
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