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The latest research

The Healthy Grain is committed to remaining on the forefront of wholegrain & gut health research. We’ve selected some of the most interesting, recent research papers and summarised them for your convenience.

Combined effects of BARLEYmax™ and cocoa polyphenols on colonic microbiota and bacterial metabolites in vitro
Different dietary fibre sources and risks of colorectal cancer and adenoma
Impact of prebiotics on immune response
Scientific opinion on the substantiation of a health claim related to barley beta-glucans and lowering of blood cholesterol and reduced risk of (coronary) heart disease
Developing a Mediterranean Healthy Food Basket and an Updated Australian Healthy Food Basket Modelled on the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating
Effects of a high-prebiotic diet versus probiotic supplements versus synbiotics on adult mental health

Prebiotic potential of cereal components

Short-term effect of additional daily dietary fibre intake on appetite, satiety, gastrointestinal comfort, acceptability, and feasibility
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